FOOT INDUSTRY 2018 A/W " ALTERNATIVE " officially launched

FOOT INDUSTRY 2018 A/W " ALTERNATICE" series comes out  this month as our last series. 
This time we focus on the mind of  "take yourself as the host" as in the context of Asian culture , to make out one good series which fits everyone's clothing style. As the featured product in this season ,  "ARC" was basic on the back-to-the-ancients design to fit the trend on these days. With our original oversize sole to make out "pyramid shape" (which has a higher ahead and a low back size). Giving the bottom of the heel extend outward exaggeratedly to make the whole sneaker more stable.
"ALTERNATIVE " has 3 colors, they are "BLANC DE BLANC"  which means white , "VAPOR BLUE " which meas grey, "LAVENDER AURA" which means lavender purple.


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