“ROAM” was made for daily coordinate as usual. While designing, we named it “Family series” just because our parents and the eldership usually choose these kind of comfortable jogging shoes at first to go outside.

This series, we use the high breathable mesh above large area. Choose the asymmeter toecap as usual, mix the foam into the sin leading to make it more comfortable for a long journey. Using the ventilate mesh which comes from sport wearing on insole and vamp lining to enhance the sweating function.
About the heel, we chose “Sphike RGS” heel which came from one of our partner —“VIBRAM”(tm). This kind of heel has enough thickness, makes people feel more light than any other ones while walking, which makes the weight moved to forward  as the force point of forefoot is much more backward.

“ROAM” Series has 3 color, they are "PINENEEDLE " as green , "VAPOROUS GRAY " and "FLINT GRAY" . 


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