“UNIVERSAL” series as one daily style type. When we start to design them, We wonder that it can adapt to fits each different daily dressing habits.
Basic to bowling shoes,  make them more streamlined, use the fine calfskin leather with the strong texture as the upper, choose the softer leather for the lining and the insole.  The size mark on tongue is typed by electric embroidery fabrication process immediately.

The most important point on  “The basic type” is shoe-type-adjustment. In our research, most of our customers have the huge and wild foot shape with the thick arch, for that, we made the shoe type to be looked thinner and slender while wearing them.
About the design of lace holes, we changed 6 holes to 7 as new, make the instep length into shoe head in view, with the slim wax-faced shoelace.

" UNIVERSAL" series has 4 color, they are "BRIGHT WHITE ", "ANTHRACITE " as black , "VAPOR BLUE " as grey and "BLACK LRIS" as blue . 


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